You’ll Need This to Prepare!

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We normally don’t do posts like this, so what’s this all about?

No matter how you swing it, you need some capital to prepare.

Generators, water barrels, self defense items, solar panels, rows of expensive batteries, tools, food storage and that’s just for starters. If you are hoping to weather a financial collapse, you’ll need silver and gold on top of everything else.

If you just want to have an off grid plot of paradise out in the woods, then you have to pay for the land and whatever you decide to put out there ( ie. cabin, self sufficient earthship, whateves….)

Unless you buy a little here and there over time, you are going to need money.


The Average Persons Best Chance is Amazon!

Have you ever wondered how we are able to run our own blog and be our own boss?

The truth is, we have a ton of free time as our primary business is selling stuff on amazon.

You have probably seen our Survival Paradise folding credit card knifes on amazon already.


With these knives alone we literally make thousands of dollars a month!


We are sharing the secret of our success with you!

And it’s selling physical products on autopilot using

With this model you can have time for your family, and have money to pay the bills and prepare!

This is all by using the Amazing Selling Machine! (As far as we are concerned this is the only way to go).

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But don’t delay, the doors close at midnight tonight and won’t open again until next year!


Thanks and good luck!

Todd, Brad, Nate, Eric and Jimbo

The Survival Paradise Team


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