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I had heard that several companies were working on lithium-ion battery systems for storage of solar or other renewable resources. Today I ran across a press release talking about the new JuiceBox array. I followed it back to their home page and decided that the info on it was interesting enough to share with you here. Seems like a great leap forward for on grid off grid systems and off grid systems alike. Although I haven’t been able to find out anything about prices yet. Read this description page and let us know what you think.

JuiceBox Energy 8.6 kWh Energy Storage System
Introducing our first JuiceBox system, an 8.6kWh lithium-ion storage system for residential and small scale commercial buildings. With our system controller, the JuiceBox is integrated with a full-featured commercially available inverter/charger and can be deployed in parallel for higher power and energy needs. The system is designed to support grid-tied, grid isolated in the event of grid failure, and off-grid configurations. Each configuration delivers years of dedicated peak shifting, back-up power, energy efficiency and enables participation in emerging transactive energy exchanges.

A JuiceBox contains an array of lithium-ion batteries with a battery management system for safe, reliable, long lasting control of the lithium-ion cells. It also contains a system controller to manage the inverter/charger interface to ensure control of charge and has redundant protection mechanisms to prevent over voltage, over current, under voltage and over temperature conditions. A cellular gateway to a secure cloud-based repository enables remote monitoring, updates and control. The JuiceBox is housed in an indoor/outdoor UL-rated enclosure.

Our Technology…

Intelligent Controls: The challenge in deploying lithium-ion batteries in small scale commercial and residential buildings is to ensure safety, reliability, long life and interoperability with the solar inverter. The JuiceBox controller is the brains of the system. It constantly monitors the state of the battery, the PV output and building load from the inverter and determines the mode of operation based on customer bill rates and other priorities. There is a balance between rates of charge and discharge, operating temperature, depth of discharge and number of cycles that must be achieved to ensure long life. JuiceBox’s lithium-ion battery system will last over 10 years in operation. The integration and controls requires deep knowledge of the chemistry of the battery cells and a complete understanding of the end-usage. JuiceBox tunes its control system for external conditions and usage requirements without any compromise on safety and long term reliability.

Why Lithium-ion? The battery chemistry selected by JuiceBox is a lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC). The chemistry is known for long life, high energy density and safety. NMC is the leading automotive cell chemistry. While it is capable of high rates of discharge, JuiceBox controls the discharge and charge current depending on the cell temperatures and other conditions to ensure long life. Lithium-ion NMC is 4X the energy density of lead acid batteries, can be recycled or discarded in landfills, lasts 3X longer than lead acid batteries, and requires no maintenance of venting of gases.

JuiceBox Energy Network (JEN): All JuiceBoxes are connected to the Cloud through a robust, secure cellular connection. There are no fire walls or router issues to deal with for installers and homeowners. The data is securely managed and used to provide the homeowner with a mobile status, reporting and control app. The connectivity allows JuiceBox to roll out firmware updates and provide monitoring services for customers.


Original document found at JuiceBox


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