How an Earth Ship Really Works![Video]

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Earth Ships use nature, instead of waste it!

We recently attended a conference about earth ships in Salt Lake City, Utah. In said conference we were told that the earth ship was studied by the Hopi natives of Arizona and they deemed the earth ship to be white mans closest attempt to align with the overall beliefs and philosophy of the Hopi in regards to co-existing with nature.

In past posts, we have shown you some tours of earth ships and why they could be an important asset in a survival situation. But have you considered how they work? Having met the original creator and designer Micheal Reynolds, we asked questions and I can tell you they are a complex living, breathing, mother earth loving machines.

For a full comprehensive tour of all the functions of the earth ship see the video below.

Check it out!

This will walk you through each system step by step!

Earth ships have the potential to turn the destructive path that we are on as a race and bring us into alignment with nature once and for all.

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