Four stories of survival cannibalism! [video]

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Survival cannibalism is one of the most macabre things we could think about.

Many of us would like to believe that we would never do it, even if the alternative was death by starvation. But in the real situation who could say what might happen. I remember watching a show about cannibalism on the history Channel and it said that new research on survival cannibalism had shown that when you’re starving to death, your body tries to limit the calories burned by shutting down organs, starting with the most nonessential, spleen, liver, kidneys, etc. Eventually, if you go long enough without food you are mostly only left with heart and lungs, and your brain. Then, just before death, the body will often shut down all higher brain functions, leaving only the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain has almost no cognitive function and is almost completely instinctual. In this state, someone may not have a choice but to resort to cannibalism or even kill one another to use as a source of food. All the decision-making processes would have been stripped away, leaving the individual an animalistic state. Pretty grisly stuff. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Featured image by Eric Brochu


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