Contemporary House has an Awesome Doomsday Secret

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The Ultimate Safe House

Have your ever heard of a safe room?

It’s a little secure room in your house that one can flee to when something goes wrong, like when there are intruders or other dangers. These rooms often have a store of supplies and resources so you can hunker down for the long haul.

The ability to have an escape plan to a safe place is paramount when the SHTF.

But what if your house was that place. That’s right, the whole house not just a little room. That’s what the design team at KWK PROMES sought to make a reality with this amazing contemporary house.

Termed the “Zombie Proof House” by other sources, this one has all the creature comforts that one can expect and unparallelled security features.

Check it out!


zombie-house-design zombie-house-photograph zombie-proof-designed-house zombie-proof-house-pictures zombie-safe-house-photograph zombie-survival-housezombie-proof-house-picture

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